Grocery Project FAQ

What's next for John Winger and the current staff?

John is effectively retiring from the grocery business as of November 19th and will continue his appliance business, Royal Appliance, right across the street.  You’ll need somewhere to put your milk, right?

David, Patty, and Jackie will continue to work for Royal Super Mart.

Why would Cornerstone Community Wellness run a grocery store?

As Cornerstone has reflected on its Mission in the last 12 months, we have realized that some of the greatest opportunities to improve individual well-being start by creating or maintaining healthy communities. Royal Super Mart has been and should continue to be a source of physical, social and economic health. As a non-profit organization, we are positioned to reimagine how a rural grocery store can thrive in a small community. Through this project, we are able to fulfill our mission to improve health and quality of life on both a personal and community level.

Visit to read more about our Mission and Vision.

Will this change the current programs at Cornerstone?

Not at this time.  We are always looking for ways to improve the quality of life of our community.  As long as the current programs meet the need and funds allow, we will continue them. 

Are you changing the name?

Royal Super Mart will be different, but the name will live on!  

Big box stores exist, but we don’t think ‘super’ is an overstatement. Don’t think of ‘super’ in relation to size. We are super fun (at least we think so), super kind, super at meeting the small town need. Reconsider what makes life ‘super.’

What is your timeline for purchase, renovations and reopening?

Current operations through November 19th. 

December 2022 – begin renovation

April/May 2023 – Grand Opening 

What will be different? What will be the same?

Our dream is to reimagine the long-term sustainability of rural grocery stores while meeting needs of our community as precisely as possible. We are working to get you fresh produce, meat, eggs, dairy, frozen foods, shelf stable necessities, and prepared food options.

The building will close for 4-5 months for renovations. This will include some fun features we hope you will love! Follow along for more details.  

Are you going to make this a health foods store?

We have no plans to make this strictly a health foods store. Will we carry healthy food? Yes. Will we give you ideas on ways to make dietary and other changes to live a long, happy life? Also, yes.

There is dignity in making these choices for yourself and we will not pressure anyone or eliminate decisions on the basis of ‘healthy’ eating. (But we will try to make it easier to eat how you want to eat.)

What will the hours be? Will I have to check myself out? I have logistical questions.

So do we. We promise to do our best to make the products you need available, at the time you need them, with as little hassle as possible. As these details are available, we will let you know! A lot of humans are included in our plan. A lot of technology is included in our plan. It is likely these will come together in a way that is helpful to you.

I have some suggestions. Who do I tell?

Well, we have some questions for you, too. You can submit your input and ask questions HERE. We will make more opportunities available to do this as time goes on. 

I don't like change.

This is more of a statement, but we understand. Life is always changing in some way. We hope you will embrace this change, help us in celebrating John’s retirement, and give us grace in the process.